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Posted on 26th Apr, 11:48am

Drums Cymbals and Hardware Wanted Liverpool Merseyside Chester Wirral Southport.

Cash paid on collection. Please email or contact for more info.

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Posted on 26th Mar, 2:50pm

Drum Teacher Wanted in Crediton.

We have received an enquiry from Crediton as we have no Drum Teachers in Crediton.

If you know of a Drum Teacher in or near to Crediton please contact us here https://www.drumteachers.co.uk/contact/

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Posted on 5th Feb, 4:35pm

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By Julian Marsden
Posted on 15th Dec, 2:36pm

**Drum Lessons available**

Covid measures are in place such as facemasks, social distancing and hand sanitiser.

Lessons are held in Abercarn but I do also offer video lessons and/or home visits if you are unable to travel. (Providing you have a drum kit to play)

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you've ever wanted to play the drums and are a complete beginner or you're looking to gain new skills to add to your existing skill set.

Cheers, Jonathan

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Posted on 6th Oct, 4:44pm

‘Time To Play’ App by Drum-ed - FREE ACCESS FOR A YEAR FOR TEACHERS!

Are you a teacher looking for tracks to use with your students to play along to?

Then this offer is for you, we want to give you a years free subscription to everything that is on the app in return for you using It in lessons with your students.

What is time to play?

‘Time To Play’ was born out of the frustration of not being able to hear your kit properly while wearing headphones and practicing to your favourite music. 

Now with the App you can either play along to the custom loops that come with the App, or to your own music library.

The loops all have ‘example’ drum tracks to give you inspiration for your playing. These have been recorded by the Drum-Ed team. Steve White, world renown educator, session artist and drummer for Paul Weller, The Style Council, Hague and White and Galliano, to name but a few. Mike Heaton, double platinum artist with Embrace and Rich Wilson, world renown educator, owner of RAW studios and session artist. 

You can also then record your practice, either to the custom loops or your own music, for you to assess how you are progressing. 

To sum up ‘Time To Play’ is the ultimate play along and practice App. 

Currently only available on ios, but an Android version will follow.

For more information email support@drum-ed.com to take part in this fantastic offer.

Rich, Mike and Steve.

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Posted on 24th Mar, 4:26pm

June 2020:

Over on our Canadian Site we have just been joined by Chris Lamont from Hamilton, Ontario. Please check out Chris's Website and YouTube Channel.

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Posted on 6th Jun, 3:47pm

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Posted on 4th Jun, 3:29pm

Drum lesson and rhythm game: replacing 16th notes with bass drums:

Hi there! So, on today’s Instagram Live lesson we played a fun game that’s both excellent for the drum set, but also awesome fun to test your coordination! We did this by replacing 16th notes with bass drums as follows:
We took simple Single Strokes (RLRL RLRL RLRL RLRL), played them as 16th notes (ca-ter-pi-llar)
Then replaced each note with a bass drum (right foot) one at a time, repeating the exercise (game) a few times over
After that, we played a basic drum beat (see previous blog post) for 3 bars and one of the above exercises on bar 4 (referred to as a 4 bar phrase)
Try to do these really slowly, say at 40BPM, to really explore the space between the every note.
I’ve written a quick PDF with each game / exercise for you to download and have fun with. Grab it by clicking this link.

Check out more about Nick's Drum Lessons in London.


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Posted on 20th May, 2:03pm

Simon Marton Facetime + WhatsApp drum lessons during Covid times.

Simon how's it been going with Facetime & Whatsapp recently?

These have been working a treat. To make it fair on the clients/ pupils I charge a fiver less to compensate for not having me there in person and I now operate from an upstairs office desk. I have my phone or sometimes my Mac handy to do the calls and find it’s a way of working that is focussed and quite pleasant! Yes, sure, sometimes the video call quality can suffer and the audio not match up to the video, but I have enough to go on to make it work. It won’t entirely replace being there in person but I don’t have to travel, I don’t get stressed in traffic and my pupils learn pretty much the same amount. It’s caused me to think even more creatively about what I’m teaching and how! I love it! Wish I’d thought of it ages ago.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 27th Apr, 1:34pm

April 2020: During the UK lockdown we were surprised that only two of the 616 Drum Teachers on this site requested that their profiles be updated to include Online Lessons. Here they are below. Please click on the links for more info.

Peter Bertelli offering Online Drum Lessons - Via Skype

and ......

Ben Neal

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 12th Apr, 5:35pm

Hi my name is Brian Bestall and I have been a professional musician, teacher and composer for over 30 years and the most frequently asked question is “Why should I learn drum rudiments?” My answer is simple: These rudiments are our vocabulary, a nod to our heritage and a way to help you to develop the four basic strokes; full stroke, down stroke, tap stroke and up stroke, and ultimately gain better stick control. By becoming proficient with these rudiments, you will become a more competent and confident player. You will learn to integrate them into your everyday playing, creating exciting grooves and fills.

I’ve always been fascinated by the rudiments and regularly demonstrate to my students how they can be applied to the whole kit. This, without fail blows them away. My book covers all 40 International rudiments and a couple of my favourite hybrid versions, all with sticking patterns included. If you are a teacher it can be used as supplementary material for students working towards exams, help develop independence or simply for fun.

My book “Why Should I Learn Drum Rudiments?” was published April 2019 and is available from Rockem Music or on line from Amazon.

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Posted on 25th Nov, 3:56pm

'I'm older now, but not necessarily any wiser. I've been through the whole fashion thing through my teenage years and into my twenties and thirties, obsessing over what I wear, what trainers or boots I should sport, and whether leather is in/ out. I once wore some tights over my head which I fished out of my mums drawers, and a sparkly red cowboy hat for a London Borderline gig many years ago. I couldn't see a thing and I looked like a camp bank-robber. I've dressed as a stormtrooper, making my comrades and I there first band in the world in 2003 to do the whole dancing stormtrooper band thing. Yet even  earlier, I used to wear tight black PVC jeans that I used to have to peel off, after a hot sweaty gig. 

I'm at an age where I've seen music go round in circles, and rhythms get recycled from Adam and the Ants and Duran, all the way to The Killers and Beyonce. You would think that as a musician, I would be keeping up with music but I don't. I listen to the stuff my teenage boys pump out through my car stereo, and I think- I've heard this all before, first and second time round....I watch the highlights of Reading/ Leeds/ Glasters/ IOW etc, and frankly, I find it takes an awful lot to impress me anymore. Is it me or is there anyone else out there who feels the same?! I just can't get excited about new music anymore! (I get way more excited about conspiracy theories which turn out not to be theories, but realities!) I must therefore be getting older.

However, when I successfully teach my pupils 'the train-beat', the Bossa Nova or a 16th hi-hat pop/rock beat with an intricate ghost note pattern on the snare, that's when I get excited. I know that as I close my forty-ninth year, these guys could be the ones who take the baton from me, and take the stages in front of screaming fans one day soon. Their music could be tomorrow's soundtrack. It's not about me being screamed at- although I'm still capable of being screamed at- my kids do it quite a lot and I probably deserve it!

So, yes- fashion does come and go. Thankfully.'

Thanks to Simon Marton for this great article. Please check out Simon's excellent testimonials and profile.

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Posted on 2nd Nov, 2:46pm

Grades: nemesis or necessity?

When I was at school, I had two drum-teachers over the course of about twelve months. The first one was retiring and was more interested in skiing, and the replacement had a beard. Nothing wrong with that, but it was his aggression one day that I will only remember after, he had lazily stuck a chart on a music stand and instructed me to simply "play it.” When I fumbled my way badly through the first line, he snatched the sticks right out of my hands and throwing them on the floor, shouted at me: “You’ll never make a drummer!!” It has taken a long time to dissociate beards from aggression.

I stopped going to his lessons, and changed course. I am self taught. Never wanted to see a chart again, and learned my craft by listening to cassettes (remember them?!) and vinyl. Consequently over the years, there was a niggling doubt, that despite all the comments people used to throw at me like ‘amazing’, ‘talented’ and ‘unbelievable’, as a rock drummer playing fairly simple and solid stuff, I never felt like a ‘real drummer’ as I avoided all the basic rudimentary skills like they were for academics. I was rock n roll and on the radio; all the other stuff is for schools and grades, so too late for me.

Well, fast forward to a man who has just turned 49, with greyer hair and tinnitus, and you’ll see a drum teacher in me that actually quite enjoys looking at aspects of the grade books and rudiments especially. Why? The answer may help you if you are – or have been– anything like me. I use the grades as a tool, but also something to address my personal fear of sight reading and understanding all the bizarre little squiggles and notation. Here’s my latest approach: quite frequently I will take a break from song- based teaching and stealing ideas from a tune to show them how often it is used in so many other songs, to focus instead on rudiments such as the Swiss Army Triplet, the Ratamacue and the Pataflafla. Once I’ve spent the lesson going through various elements, I will then ask them a ‘Guess the Grade’ question. Most of my pupils learn for fun and advancement, and don’t do the grades, but I have a handful who do attempt to climb up the grading system. Grades, as you might be able to tell, aren’t my favourite thing to teach, but there’s the punchline: you should see their little faces when you reveal they have actually attempted, and pulled off a Grade 8 bunch of rudiments or even pieces.The latter I did just this week with a Muse track ‘Knight of Cydonia’ (which I remembered a fellow teacher had pointed me to a few years ago on Trinity Rock and Pop.) I took the main section and broke it down into 5 easier stages, the fifth being the actual speed (quite fast). Well, to a man, they all got to the fourth stage!! This included one young man who has struggled with much drumming, but he was beaming! So I say, use the grades as a tool to help your protoges enjoy drumming. Grades still scare me privately, but they are helping me as much as those I instruct. I think that teaching includes a massive amount of encouragement, and celebration of effort and attainment too. That’s why I vowed as a 14 year old that I would never be like that guy with a beard, and I like to think I have proven him wrong. We will never know what our acts of pushing our pupils gently forward with acts of encouragement will don in their lives, and that’s a privilege.

Thanks to Simon Marton for this great article. Please check out Simon's excellent testimonials and profile.


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Posted on 22nd Sep, 2:52pm

Drum-Ed is a whole bunch of stuff like...

  • free video content
  • premium courses
  • bitesize lessons in under a minute
  • discussions between experienced drummers
  • workshops delivered by guest artists
  • tips and hints from touring pros

Check out this video for more info.

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Posted on 30th Aug, 4:25pm

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Posted on 28th Aug, 12:43pm

Read all about Kasey's plans to build a new Drum Studio in Belfast: https://kaseypeters.blogspot.com


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Posted on 1st May, 11:25am

My name is Gideon Waxman and I’m a 24-year-old drummer from London. I have been playing for over 13 years and I studied music performance at the University of Westminster. As a working musician, I regularly perform events and parties as a freelance percussionist. Additionally I teach drums and I get a lot of satisfaction from helping my students progress and improve their ability.

I’m also the drummer of metal outfit Familiar Spirit, and we have just announced we will embark on a tour in July with legendary metal heavyweights ‘Mushroomhead’ around the UK!

I set up my website Drum Helper to be a reliable and high quality source of information for all things drums. I have written educational guides for important aspects of drumming such as The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Recording Drums and How To Ensure Correct Drumming Posture. I also write trusted, unbiased product reviews in order to help people find the best drumming products available on the market. Lots of drummers don’t know where to begin looking so I’m pleased I can use my experience to help with articles such as The Best Electronic Drum Sets For All Budgets and The Best Double Bass pedals. Drum helper’s mission is to inspire and to motivate, and to increase all drummers’ enjoyment and satisfaction from playing! Please do feel free to check out my site and I hope to maybe catch you at one of my gigs around the UK!


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Posted on 17th Apr, 2:25pm

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 12th Apr, 6:28pm

Stewart Copeland Lights Up The Orchestra UK Premiere tour

Stewart Copeland will be bringing his ‘Lights Up The Orchestra’ concert to the UK for March ’19 dates. The performance will be a celebration of the legendary drummer’s musical career. 

Along with other band members, sticksman Copeland formed The Police in 1977. The rock trio went on to become one of the most internationally successful acts of their generation with successive No 1 albums and playing sold out venues across the globe. In the mid-eighties Copeland began his move beyond the rock arena. With scores and soundtracks as his main occupation, the famous drummer became better known as a composer. Recognised for his uniqueness of style and innovation behind the kit, this concert is a rare opportunity to witness one of the greatest drummers of all time.

The high impact orchestral programme will feature epic music from the post-punk powerhouse songs of The Police to his best-known film scores including Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Rumble Fish’ Golden Globe nominated in 1984 and Oliver Stone’s ‘Wall Street’. Other works include the musical odyssey ‘Rhythmatist’, music from the much-loved platform game ‘Spyro the Dragon’ and the main theme from thriller ‘The Equalizer’. Co-arranged and conducted by musical director Troy Miller (producer credits - Jamie Callum, Laura Mvula and Gregory Porter).

Stewart Copeland

Lights Up The Orchestra

UK Premiere tour

Stewart Copeland - drums

Troy Miller - conductor

London Concert Orchestra (Birmingham and London dates)

Manchester Concert Orchestra (Manchester only)

Dates/ venues:

26.03.2019 Birmingham Symphony Hall tel 0121 780 3333/ thsh.co.uk

29.03.2019 Manchester The Bridgewater Hall tel 0161 907 9000 / bridgewater-hall.co.uk

30.03.2019 London Royal Festival Hall tel 020 3879 9555 / southbankcentre.co.uk

Further info at www.raymondgubbay.co.uk / www.stewartcopeland.net

National ticket hotline tel 0844 847 2319 - Calls will cost 7 pence per minute plus your telephone company's access charge. (booking fees apply)

Music featured:

THE POLICE darkness • don’t stand so close to me • miss gradenko • does everyone stare



RUMBLE FISH • west tulsa story

WALL STREET anacott steal • bud’s scam

THE EQUALIZER main title


BEN HUR pirates • chariot race

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Posted on 9th Jan, 3:40pm
Thanks to Feedspot for letting us know that we reached number 7 in Top 10 UK Drum Blogs 2018.
The Best UK Drum Blogs from thousands of UK Drum blogs on the web using search and social metrics. Subscribe to these websites because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information. You can read more about the Top Ten UK Drum Blogs on the Feedspot Website.
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Posted on 5th Jul, 11:13am
Elliot says:
"From the skills that I have built up through studying, teaching, recording and playing professionally around the world, it has been my dream and goal to be able to engineer and record drums from my own purpose built studio. 
Fast forward to the present, I am now able to offer both remote drum recording or MIDI drum sessions using the highest possible gear. This may be for just one song, your album or an EP. Similarly, if you are an artist and need other instrumentation, several of my professional touring / session musician friends are only a phone call away. 
The studio has been designed by two giants in their profession. The first is Andy Allen, who owned both Cave Studios and designed and built the Coach House Studios in Clifton, Bristol. The later was made famous by the debut albums of Massive Attack and Portishead. Similarly, Andy also became the director of the famous Christchurch Studios Clifton, in Bristol. The studio was previously owned by the BBC and was rebuilt by Andy over a period of four years."
Mick Perry is director at Low Profile Productions Ltd. Here are just some of his headline credits as Technical Director:
MTV Europe Music Awards - 1994,95,96,97,98,06
MTV Asia Music Awards - 2003,04,05,06 (Co - Producer)
MTV Russia Music Awards - 2005 
Pepsi Dance Connection - 1996
Pepsi Chart Show - Initial tv
Robbie Williams, Bryan Adams, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, U2, all live at Slane Castle 
Madonna at Brixton Academy
Bruce Springsteen in Barcelona
Alicia Keys in Cape Town
and many more working for MTV Europe, MTV International, Done & Dusted, Splinter Films, Dreamchaser Productions, Granada and many others.
"The new Slowly Rolling Camera album ‘Juniper’ is out July 2018. The drums were engineered and recorded by myself at EB Studios. 
All music by Dave Stapleton 
Produced by Slowly Rolling Camera 
Juniper is the emphatic and uplifting third album from Cardiff based Slowly Rolling Camera and their strongest and most impactful statement yet. Masterminded by Edition label boss Dave Stapleton, producer Deri Roberts and drummer Elliot Bennett, Juniper fuses expansive jazz grooves with rich cinematic soundscapes marking the beginning of a new era for the group, anchoring new instrumental roots whilst bringing together a dynamic instrumental team of ex-Cinematic Orchestra guitarist Stuart McCallum, bassist Aidan Thorne and Belgian saxophonist Nicolas Kummert. With Juniper the band have returned to the original vision of their instrumental roots and the result is vibrant, bold and excitingly fresh. 
The new music sustains their lush aural trajectory, evoking comparisons with the Cinematic Orchestra, blending strong melodies, big grooves and surprising turns of phrase, instilled with an expansive emotional gravitas. Colliding worlds of jazz, trip-hop and cinematic soundscapes, this music is a rich culmination of 15 years of friendship and making music together."
Releases July 6, 2018 
  • DAVE STAPLETON keyboards 
  • DERI ROBERTS electronics 
  • STUART McCALLUM guitar 
  • NEIL YATES trumpet 
  • NICOLAS KUMMERT saxophones 
  • MARK LOCKHEART saxophones 
  • AIDAN THORNE double bass 
Recorded by Slowly Rolling Camera 
Mixed by Deri Roberts and Andy Allan
Neumann M147 Tube 
Calrec 1050c 
AKG 451B 
EV Elecro Voice 868
Senheiser 604 
AKG D112
Sure SM57
Beyer Dynamic opus 65
Senheiser e945
Rode NT2
Mic Preamps:
Focusrite ISA One
Broadhurst Gardens No. 1
Mac Book Pro with Retina Display
2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz
16GB 1600MHz memory
Logic X
Steven Slate Plugins
Steven Slate SSD4
Steven Slate Blackbird suite
Focusrite Saffire 56
Focusrite OctoPre Mk2
Yamaha HS8
Genelec 1029
12" Studio Recording hats
13" Constantinople hats
14" Constantinople hats
18" Breakbeat ride
20" Constantinople Med Thin Low
22" Constantinople Med Thin Low
22" Constantinople Renaissance 
22" Constantinople Flat Ride
8"   A custom Splash
8"   Z Bell
10" Piggyback China
17" K Custom
16" K Light Crash
16" Constantinople
18” Constantinople
19” Constantinople Crash / Ride
20" China Low Boy
20" A Custom EFX
13*6    DW Exotic
14*5.5 Limited Craviotto      
14*6.5 UnLimited Craviotto
14*5.5 Ludwig 400
14*4    A & F Brass Limited
14*4.5 Sonor Designer
14"*10 Gretsch late 50's RoundBadge Mahogany with Maple hoops (Levon Helm)
Pearl BRX 20" BD (Owned by Art Blakey)
Kit 1:
DW Natural Satin Oil Drum Kit
8*7",10*8",12*9",14*11",16*13" Toms Fast Size Toms
All Drum Workshop 9000 hardware
Kit 2:
Sonor Designer - African Bubinga
LP Classic Conga & Tumba
LP Classic Bongos
Plethora of LP hand percussion
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Posted on 25th May, 1:11pm

Welcome to our latest Canadian Drum Teacher in Nova Scotia Mark Di Claudio. Check out Mark's profile on our Canadian site www.drumteachers.ca

Mark endorses Los Cabos Drum Sticks.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 24th May, 5:31pm

Welcome to our latest UK Drum Teacher in Manchester James A Wilson


By Julian Marsden
Posted on 11th May, 12:41pm

Start to beat! - Essential Drum Beats for Beginners

Every time that you are listening to some piece of music you are hearing the melody that is floating in the rhythm in certain tempo. In the modern music most of the rhythm sounds – beats are coming from the drums. The drummer is the one who is putting the whole band in time, that is responsible to be correct when everyone is falling apart, and last but not the least the one who adds the groove, the most important aspect to the notable bands. But, not to be scared, we are here to define the essentials and to get to start in order to achieve the notable level of drumming. 
Two main terms every drummer should know are rhythm and tempo. The rhythm is defined as a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound, and the tempo we define as the speed (beat per minute) at which a passage of music is or should be played. So the key two syntagm are  repeated pattern and beat per minute (bpm) This text will guide you through the basic repeated patterns – essential drum beats to the beginners, and you should pick your own tempo for practice, listen to the songs and try to get into them.

Listed above you could see how the various parts of the drum system are presented in the notation partiture.

For the beginning lesson we’ll simplify the beats on the usage of closed hi-hat , snare and acoustic bass (kick) drum. By learning this it will help you to get familiar with the parts of your drum and how to read the partitures.

Basic Rock Beat – On Beat – 4/4 Time signature rhythm

This is one of the most usage beats, that you’ll hear almost in every classic rock and roll song. The BPM – tempo varies between 80-160 (the best is if you practice with metronome – simply set it up to certain BPM, this would help you to stay in right tempo all the time and to be in the right timing – sometimes the people say that the metronome is for the lame drummers, but it would help you to stay in time and to achieve the feeling of correct BPM in certain time). The time signature is defined as 4/4 which means that there are four beats in the one rhythmic structure.

Start with beating 4 notes in the row with kick drum in tempo of 80 bpm and repeat in your head 1,2,3,4. This will give you the felling of 4/4 time signature rhythm, and of 4 notes in the bar. After this we shall go to something more advance, but as easy as these four notes. We are bringing together snare and high hat along with the kick drum.

To easy a things a bit we’ll translate this partiture in the words. Firstly setup your metronome to the certain tempo and count 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4, ect.. The kick drum and the snare are presented as ¼ notes, and the high hat is presented as 1/8 which is the half of the ¼ note. So we are playing 8 high hat notes, with two kick drum and two snare notes. Try to play this phrase in different tempo, and different loudness (from quiet to loud).

  • Song examples Basic Rock Beat – On Beat - 4/4:
  • Queen – Who wants to live forever
  • The Beatles – Lucy in the sky with Dimond – Chorus
  • Bon Jovi – It’s My Life
  • When the saints go marching in

Waltz – 3/4 Time signature rhythm

Just imagine the waltz. How is it danced? You have to count to three in your head and two move in the structure of three steps with someone in your hands. Waltz beat is closed in so called ternary rhythm, and it is played in the ¾ time signature. That means that there are three beats in the time structure of four.  You could count in your head the following: one, two, three…

In this beat structure for the beginning we would play the six times of closed high hat, while playing one beat of the kick drum (with your leg) and two beats of snare. It would sound like PAM pam pam; PAM pam pam; PAM pam pam.

Song examples Waltz – ¾ Time signature:

  • Beatles -  Norwegian wood
  • Neil Young – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  • Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

Jazz beat – time signature – 6/8 time signature rhythm

This is the most advance beat for the beginning, but think of it as the challenge, as a step further to the achievement of you as a good drummer. In 6/8 time signature rhythm we have to count six eight notes in the bar. Count ONE – two – thee – FOUR – five - six, etc.

As indicated above, play the six notes with high hat, 1/4 with addition of 1/8 of kick drum (so it last longer then 1/4 and shorter than 1/2) and the same for the snare. And now repeat, as much as you can, by counting as indicated above.

Song examples Jazz Beat – 6/8 Time signature:

  • Simon& Garfunkel  - Old Friends
  • Queen - We Are the Champions
  • Journey - Lights
  • Bee Gees, Al Green - (How Can You Mend) A Broken Heart
  • The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)


Having in mind that you are starting to play, and trying to figure out the basic beats, you need to focus yourself on the building practice routines, even if you are in your room with two pencils without the drum try to concentrate and to thing of the groove of the songs. Sometimes, the good practice is to listen to the song and try to figure out in which rhythm and time signature the song is. Think of it seriously while you are listening to the music you love and this will get you to the advancement in your playing techniques. Also the good thing is to find the suitable metronome, for the beginning there is the google free metronome online, so setup the tempo and start making the groove!

About author:

Paul Mills is one of the most creative mixers with instinct and prowess. His project Beatsbooster is the ultimate guide for everyone buying their first headphones or earbuds on every budget and for any purpose

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Welcome to our latest UK Drum Teacher: www.mikeglozier.com/lessons

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 16th Mar, 12:08pm



Voice of drums; A morning of music and narrative in the South West with Terl Bryant, hosted by Tim Bruce from Restoration Blueprint and Adam Brooks from St Andrews Church, Collumpton.

For all wroshipers (not just drummers!)

Terl has over 150 album credits and combined sales of more than 15 million. With a successful touring and recording career Terl Bryant works with a diverse range of well-known International artists.

John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin (album and tours), Peter Murphy (3 albums, Billboard No. 1 ‘Cuts You Up’) Peter Gabriel (studio tracks), Faith Hill (Europe TV dates), Steve Levine (UK hits with Honeyz, Louise, 911, King's Singers), Elizabeth McGovern of Downton Abbey fame (tours, TV dates, 3 albums), Iona (5 albums), Babara Dickson (2 albums, tours), The Bad Shepherds (tours), Northern Sinfonia tours), Steve Taylor (album, tours) and many others.

Also well known throughout the Christian music scene, Terl plays and records with acclaimed UK songwriter Graham Kendrick. Other CCM artists he has worked with include Matt Redman (‘Heart of Worship’ - Grammy Winner), Martin Smith (Delirious), Robin Mark (‘Days of Elijah’) and Eden’s Bridge (EMI - Celtic series) to name a few.

His own work includes the book ‘ A Heart to Drum ’ (2004) and 6 recorded albums (1995-2013).

He is the founder of the drummer’s network Psalm Drummers (www.psalmdrummers.org). And since 1995 has led drum teams on events throughout Eastern Europe, Africa, India and USA.

Other credits include the Guinness World Record for longest ever drum roll (with Ed Freitas, Calum Rees and Liam Watts in 2005) and the UK WFD Fastest Drummer award (2006), which he performed live on BBC TV. He also has many commercial credits playing and co-writing for Audio Network, BBC, Channel 4 and ITV .

By Julian Marsden
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By Julian Marsden
Posted on 5th Mar, 10:55am

Drummers - Educators



Has developed efficient practice routines and sees results immediately

Developed his own vocabulary to work in all styles

Is able to flow around the drums with great speed, precision and groove




By Julian Marsden
Posted on 1st Mar, 8:58pm

Please contact luis_drums_69@hotmail.com for more info and to purchase tickets. 

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 10th Feb, 3:05pm

Subreel: Helping Musicians and Drummers Everywhere

When learning any instrument or starting to play or produce music, one of the toughest things can be knowing how to get started. For beginners, just knowing what some of the equipment is can be a challenge. For that, websites like Subreel aim to help with impartial advice, helping you to avoid any potential pitfalls.

Subreel is a website with tons of information and resources for musicians. Although the site is only around a year old, it already features a huge amount of equipment reviews, how-to guides and ‘best of’ lists which are designed to be perfect for beginners and pros alike. The site has everything from tips on recording your playing to the best metronome to help with your playing, and discusses things in a language even beginners can get to grips with quickly.

Subreel is a perfect fit for readers here as there is a huge amount of content for drummers! Articles which are great reads for drummers include:

The Best Earplugs for Drummers. Protecting your hearing is nothing short of vital as a drummer. Being exposed to such high volumes can permanently damage your hearing, something recognised in this article pinpointing the best earplugs and methods to avoid any damage.

Overhead Drum Mics. Recording drums is basically impossible without overhead microphones. This article covers the best overhead mics not only for those of us running recording studios, but also for those of us on a shoestring budget. Not everyone can spend a fortune on their gear.

Cymbal Bags. Drumming equipment is not cheap and an example of how sites like Subreel can help you protect your gear is their ultimate guide to cymbal bags and choosing the right protection for your cymbals.

There’s a lot of information on YouTube and other sites, but a lot of the time you don’t know who to trust in terms of someone knowing what they’re talking about as well as being impartial. Subreel has an experienced and unbiased reviewing team to provide the best info for your drumming needs.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 29th Jan, 12:57pm

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 11th Dec, 2:05pm
Gio Rossi Drums lesson for beginners, amateurs and professional drummers. On Line lessons are a great opportunity to improve your music skills, in particular for those who are trying an audition or a test. i.e. a theatre or a music university. You just need a computer, a web cam and a stable  internet connection. No technical skills required ! I'll send you a PDF documents with just few simple settings for a good lessons like the position of your web cam. Please visit my web site to watch my drums tutorial www.giorossi.com
Gio Rossi has more then 30 years of experience, playing with world-class musicians such as Joey de Francesco, Sugar Ray Norcia, Scott Hamilton, Jesse Davis, Alex Schultz and many others. Gio Rossi' s lessons are suitable for everybody, but it can be absolutely great for professional drummers who aim to improve their knowledge in the field of jazz and blues music, or even in commercial, production shows and big band.
By Julian Marsden
Posted on 20th Nov, 1:14pm

Dan, what have you been up to in 2017?

I toured Australia from June to July with The Bay City Rollers. After the Australian Tour, I've had a few weeks at home full of practice and teaching. I'm currently on a UK Tour with The Rollers, which spans the length and breadth of the Country. Whilst I'm on the road, I teach two or three Skype lessons per day, from my Hotel Room or Dressing Room, to keep my students progressing in my absence. I also answer queries and solve problems for students, via email, whilst I'm away. I have regular updates from students, who are keen to let me know what progress they have made. Some of them even send me videos of them completing exercises that have set them, so I can email over there next sheet to work on. It works really well and I'm pleased that I can keep in touch with my students and still be so connected with their progress, even though I'm away touring.
Do you have any lesson vacancies in 2017?
I'll be on tour the rest of the year, but will be filling my January 2018 with teaching, so if there are any advanced players who want one off lessons or just a few lessons, I'm happy to help them out. 
How can potential students get in touch with you?
Please visit my new website to contact me.
By Julian Marsden
Posted on 4th Oct, 4:29pm


Remo present DrummerNight, in association with the major drum and cymbal companies, a benefit show in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.  It will be held at Manchester Central on the 23rd September 2017 as part of The UK Drum Show.

Latest addition is the amazing Gary Wallis (Tom Jones, Mike & the Mechanics, Pink Floyd).  The Line-up is almost complete with a couple more names to be added close to the event.  DrummerNight will gather together legendary and amazing drummers to support Teenage Cancer Trust for one special night with no less than 16 drummers taking the stage with an all-star line-up of musicians.

The world-class players will be supported by a band of leading musicians, with Karl Brazil (Robbie Williams, James Blunt, Feeder) acting as Musical Director for the evening.    The show will be MC’d by John Thomson, (drummer, comedian and actor, best known for his roles in The Fast Show, Men Behaving Badly and Cold Feet).

In addition to Karl Brazil & John Thomson the show will include Joe Donovan (The Blossoms), Mike Dolbear, Andy Gangadeen (Chase & Status, The Bays), Thomas Lang, Jamie Morrison (Stereophonics), Al Murray, Alexis Nunez (The Kooks), Simon Phillips, John “JR” Robinson, Ralph Salmins (The Water Boys), Jeremy Stacey (King Crimson), Gary Wallis (Tom Jones, Mike & the Mechanics, Pink Floyd).  and Steve White.  Plus one more names will be announced before the event depending on commitments.  

Drum wise, the night promises to be a Drummer’s Night of the year !  Check out Simon Hanson of Squeeze on YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eblVTktgdR4

The event is supported by the drum companies:  British Drum Company, DW, Gretsch, Mapex, Pearl, Sakae, Sonor, Tama, Yamaha and the cymbal companies Istanbul, Paiste, Sabian, Zildjian, plus Innovative Percussion and Vic Firth, as well as The UK Drum Show for one night in support of Teenage Cancer Trust.

Tickets (£30.00 each) on sale from the The UK Drum Show website and are available from www.theukdrumshow.com

For further information go to: www.drummernight.com  or www.theukdrumshow.com or www.remo.com

Teenage Cancer Trust            Cancer sucks. Each day seven young people age 13-24 are diagnosed with cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust is there to make sure they don’t face it alone.

Teenage Cancer Trust provides world-class cancer care and support in specialist units, local hospitals and in homes across the UK. They are there at every stage, from diagnosis through treatment and after, and bring young people together so they can support each other.

The charity gives presentations in schools so young people understand more about cancer and go to the doctors earlier. Their education team also helps medical professionals and politicians understand why young people with cancer need specific support.

Teenage Cancer Trust has come so far but there’s still so much more to do.  Right now, for every young person they can reach, there’s another they can’t. But they will not just sit back and accept that, so the charity is expanding their work.

Teenage Cancer Trust is aiming to provide specialist nurses across the UK in order to reach all young people with cancer, no matter where they live. To do this they will need to raise £20 million a year, every year, by 2020.

DrummerNight aims to help this very worthy cause.



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Posted on 5th Sep, 10:48pm

Great drummer or great drum teacher?

Nick Schlesinger, Aug 2017

An ancient Chinese proverb says “to know the road ahead, ask those coming back”. In your journey to becoming a better drummer, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to learn from the best drummers around; those who are most experienced. So, with this mind, I wanted to bring some food for thought to the table when searching for tuition.

It starts with establishing a difference between a great drummer who teaches and a great drum teacher. Is there really a difference? I believe there is, so we’ll explore these below.


Let’s start with the things both groups have in common.


Great Drummer

Great Drum Teacher


Pro-level playing ability (time, feel, technique)




Deep knowledge of, and context for, subject matter




Can have specialist knowledge on a topic



Core principles

Understands core principles and how to apply these




Applies these to develop creative and practical ideas



To my eyes there are basic elements that can make a great drummer and a great drum teacher very similar. At the end of the day, both groups are knowledgeable drummers!


When it comes to the differences, I believe the devil is in the detail. Great drummers come in many shapes and sizes. Some focus on technical proficiency and speed, some on pocket and feel, and some are great at both. And whilst some may specialise in different styles, they all have in common a great sense of time, musical sensibility, and are active listeners. Yet, when it comes to teaching, their approach might be more geared towards a lecture on a particular topic.

In contrast, a great drum teacher is the drummer who is able to provide guidance, nurture and develop skill. The focus, therefore, turns away from his / her own abilities and towards the student’s. This translates to understanding where you stand as a player, identifying your goals and getting to know how your mind works to use to effectively communicate with you. This goes in tandem with spotting areas that need development and creating tailored solutions for these. In doing so, being patient and supportive, keeping fun in mind, yet always challenge to push you forward.


To sum up, I think it’s important to acknowledge that some drummers are better teachers than others. This doesn’t make anyone worse or better drummers or musicians than the other by any stretch of the imagination. Some like teaching, and are great at it, some don’t like teaching and

therefore prefer not to. Conversely, it’s important to be aware that some may like teaching but may not have the aptitude, whilst some may not like teaching but be reluctantly be good at it!

The point of this article hasn’t been to box any one into two distinct categories. On the contrary, I hope that the paragraphs above have served as a guide for you, the student (and let’s face it, we’re all students), to help you in choosing your drum teacher.

Ultimately, you should explore different teachers, and find what works for you. Go to sites like www.drumteachers.co.uk, or its sister sites www.drumteachers.ca (Canada) or www.drumteachers.info (USA) to help you find the right teacher for you.

Good luck!

Nick Schlesinger

Drummer / educator




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Posted on 1st Sep, 4:18pm


Want to discover the best drumheads for your drum kit?

DrumheadAuthority.com is a new site where you can find the best drumheads for your kit, to get the best drum sound possible.

Search through a huge range of snare, tom, and bass drum heads - sorting them by sound, features, dampening, drum type, surface type, and much more. Compare any combination of drumheads to see all features listed side-by-side.

DrumheadAuthority.com also hosts the web’s best drumhead comparison chart: a huge searchable list of over 130 drumheads shown side-by-side. Compare Aquarian vs. Evans vs. Remo drumheads, all on one page.

Why is this important? The biggest thing affecting your drum sound is the drumheads you use, and how they are tuned and dampened. DrumheadAuthority.com is designed to help you take control of these variables, so you can get the best sound possible out of your drum kit. Even a cheap drum kit can sound amazing with the right drumheads, tuning, and careful use of dampening. An expensive kit will sound terrible if just one of these things is done wrong.

There are also some great in-depth drumming articles and drum tuning tips, covering some really important things that all drummers should know.

Head over and take a look now, at drumheadauthority.com.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 29th Aug, 2:14pm


In order to give my service a more personalised profile and look, I’ve decided to move away from trading as Moustache Music to using own my name, Nick Schlesinger. But why? Primarily for selfish reasons, if I’ll be honest; I want my growing reputation to be synonymous with my own name as opposed to my company name.

But, this change also brings new beginnings; I’m moving to a studio of my own, being designed, front and centre, with teaching in mind.

That’s all great, but what does this mean to you… Why should you care?

Wait less, better experience

The website is built on a better platform that loads faster and works better, which means you wait less, and your experience is smoother.

Easier to get the latest content

The site also features better Social Media connectivity, which means you can get the latest content at the click of a button, and it’s easier than ever to get in touch with me.

More content

The Blog is now updated even more regularly, with new content offered at least once a month, so you benefit from fresh thinking and perspectives on drums, music, and beyond.

Discounts, competitions, etc

Easier to subscribe to the newsletter, which gives you a discount on your first lesson, and means that you’ll receive updates, not SPAM, for you to stay on top of what’s new, offers, competitions, etc.

Pretty to look at

And finally, the new site is really pretty. Took me ages to make!

Visit www.nickschlesinger.com to see it for yourself and find out more.


Nick x

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SUMMER means...






In August and September ONLY, the Leeds Music Academy is offering FREE trial lessons to all students who wish to learn PIANO, GUITAR, DRUMS, BASS, SINGING, UKULELE, VIOLIN, SAXOPHONE AND TRUMPET.

Don't miss out!!

Click here to claim your offer.

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1 – 2 – 1 DRUM LESSONS

I am taking on a limited number of 1 – 2 – 1 drum students at my studio in Burnley.

Beginner to Advanced, or even if you just want to come and learn your favourite song.

My studio is equipped with 2 professional drum kits and PA System, it also has heating, CCTV cameras and somewhere for parents to sit in the lesson if they wish to do so.

Why come to me for lessons?

• Musicality & Musicianship
• Learn your favourite song
• Technique
• Versatility/ The ability to play all styles: Rock – Pop – Funk – Jazz – Blues, Etc.
• Reading Skills
• Co – Ordination
• Timing, Feel & Groove, Odd Time Signatures

How much for drum lessons?
30 minutes: £10
60 minutes: £15

Book you first 4 lessons in advance and get one FREE

For more information, please contact me on here or email me at: rick@rickhenry.co.uk



By Julian Marsden
Posted on 19th Jul, 4:02pm

Hi Everyone,

Due to expansion of the Business, East Midlands Performing Arts Academy, based in Mansfield now require drum teachers.

All applicants must be grade 6 and above within their discipline, DBS checked and relevant teaching experience. Knowledge of the RSL (Rockschool) syllabus would be preferable.

This post at present is Wednesday evenings 5-9pm + extra cover when required, pay is £14ph.

Would ideally suite working musician or recently qualified graduates, to join our excellent faculty and teaching environment.

All applicants please send CV to info@eastmidlandsperformingarts.com

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


By Julian Marsden
Posted on 13th Jul, 11:43am
Drum Faster Premium Lessons Site Launched
Launched in 2017 is the new online drum lesson site from Chris Bowling, Drum Faster. "Having played alongside metal bands such as: Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, Chelsea Grin and major festivals such as Download Festival I feel it is time for me to give something back to drummers" (Chris Bowling, Drum Faster founder). The website features high quality audio and visuals with clearly explained lessons for players of all levels. 
If you join Drum Faster you can expect:
  • New lessons every month 
  • Learn from experienced tutors 
  • Learn at a pace that suits you 
  • A selection of beats, fills and techniques to learn 
  • Courses covering a range of topics to help improve your playing 
  • High quality play along tracks with and without click track
Currently you can get your first month of membership for just £10.00
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Posted on 1st Jul, 3:34pm
Rich Wilson and RAW studios are hosting a not be missed drummers weekend in September this year. The event will feature two legends of the UK drum industry Steve White and Craig Blundell. The two day session will see two groups of 12 students spending approx 6 hours with each teacher over the weekend.
Places are almost all sold out so this is first come first served basis. (Not recommended for beginners).

Craig Blundell endorses Paiste Cymbals

Steve White endroses Vic Firth Sticks

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 2nd Jun, 2:16pm

An Evening With Ash Soan

Event Schedule


Tuesday 30th May, 2017


The Cavern Club, Mathew St, Liverpool, L2 6RE



Stage Time

8:00pm - 10:00pm strict, no overrun

With a CV covering artists such as Squeeze, Del Amitri, Seal, Adele, Trevor Horn, Robbie Williams - the list could go on - Ash Soan has become a first-call drummer in a music industry that has shrunk to minimal proportions in terms of sales of recorded media and session recording opportunities. Yes, it's pretty bleak out there, but for a handful of lucky and talented drummers, the phone keeps ringing in an industry that bears little resemblance to the pre-download glory days of old.

One such drummer riding the crest of this difficult wave is the UK's very own Ash Soan and we are pleased to present him for one night only at Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club

If you are interested in learning about what it takes to be a successful session musician in today's lean climate and watching a Master at his craft, then your money will be well spent.

Tickets cost £10.00 each and can be purchased via ADC Drums.

Ash is endorsed by Vic Firth Sticks and Beaters:

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Posted on 8th May, 12:13pm

The Camp

We have an incredible camp lined up this year. Our instructors will be drumming legends Simon Phillips (The Who/Toto) and Steve Smith (Journey/Vital Information), plus Todd Sucherman (Styx/Brian Wilson) and Will Calhoun (Living Colour/Mike Stern). The camp will run August 4-8 at the world-renowned Vic's Drum Shop in Chicago. All ages - all playing levels.

What You Get

The camp opens on August 4 with an intimate concert at Martyrs' Music Club in Chicago. Two instructors will play with our world-class band of James Genus (Herbie Hancock/Saturday Night Live), Vinny Valentino (George Benson/Vital Information), Stu Mindeman (Kurt Elling), and Chrissi Poland (Sam Moore/Dave Weckl). 

On August 5, you'll sit in a small class of just 15 with one of our four instructors...all day! In the evening, you'll attend a jam where YOU get to play with the band! You then rotate to another instructor for each of the next three days, spending ALL DAY with each! On August 8, we'll close with one more concert at Martyrs', featuring two more drumming instructors and our band! 

Is The Camp Right For You?

The camp attracts kids, teenagers (including those preparing for music school), working adults who only play drums on the side or want to get back into playing, and serious pro drummers. We place you in a small group of 15 drummers who are around the same level as you. So, the only real prerequisite is: you have to be the kind of person who would love the opportunity to sit in a small class with one of these instructors!

And this part is important: the camp is completely non-competitive. We all support each other to get better.

Now entering our 11th year with this camp, I can't tell you how many hugs, handshakes, and e-mails I get after the camp thanking me and the instructors! There's just a great feeling of comradery experiencing something like this - together - and everyone seems to walk away with a ton of ideas to work on - and endless inspiration.


You can read more, watch videos, and see what we've done at past camps here: www.drumfantasycamp.com. You can always write to me with any questions here:  questions@drumfantasycamp.com.

I hope to hear from you - and I hope to meet you Drum Fantasy Camp, August 4-8 at Vic's Drum Shop in Chicago!

Steven Orkin
Director - Drum Fantasy Camp

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 28th Apr, 5:49pm

The UK National Drum Fair and Redditch Palace Theatre are proud to announce an exciting new drumming event.
Starting Thursday 18th May 2017 at 7:30pm, there will be a monthly drum clinic hosted by Matt Green from the UK National Drum Fair. They will be inviting some of the UK's top drumming talent to perform at The Studio, Palace Theatre, Redditch. This a unique event in the way you can get up and close with the performers, ask questions and connect with other drummers during the evening. So whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, this event will have something for everyone.
There will also be a chance of a deserving local player every month to join the clinic via an open audition held a few weeks before. So whether you are a student, amateur or playing regularly in a band and would like the chance of playing with some of the countries leading drummers, please go to the website and fill in the form on the ‘Apply to Play’ page. No age limit.
This first clinic will see 2 of the countries leading drummers, Matt Green and Ian Palmer. See below for more info.
So whether you are a budding drummer or a music/drumming enthusiast, this event of drums is an evening not to be missed.
All this for a ticket price of £10 available from Redditch Palace Theatre box office or via their website.
For more information on the www.palacedrumclinic.com please either email info@palacedrumclinic.com or call 07973 840635. 
By Julian Marsden
Posted on 24th Apr, 1:53pm

A compilation of various grooves and styles which you can watch here, performed in the studio by UK Session Drummer, Paul Elliott.

Check Out Free Downloads @ www.paulelliottdrums.com

For more info on lessons with Paul please visit's Paul's profile page.


By Julian Marsden
Posted on 18th Apr, 12:13pm

If you're interested in all levels of drumming, please check out the following details:


Bob's Boot Camp in Barnsley Easter Easter Holiday 2017:


10th to the 13th of April.


18th to the 21st of April.


Beginners session 9.00 till 10.00

Intermediate session 10.15 till 11.15

Advanced session 11.30 till 12.30


The sessions are carried out on acoustic, electronic kits and practice pads.


Prices are £7 per session or £20 for 4 sessions.


Places limited. Email enquiries@rhythminc.co.uk



By Julian Marsden
Posted on 28th Mar, 10:13am

Couple changes made to John's website, check it out!


Available for work over the coming months (Live, studio, tuition) so please drop John an email for more information.


By Julian Marsden
Posted on 24th Mar, 12:47pm

Quikstix Drumschool Barnsley is now open 11am - 9pm. Please call us on 01226 956851 to discuss bookings / introductory lesson.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 21st Mar, 12:36pm

The DrumWise Drum Tuition Annual Student Concert is on Monday 20th March at The Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone.

Doors are at 6:30pm and you can get tickets directly through The Hazlitt box office: 01622 758611 which is open Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm



By Julian Marsden
Posted on 17th Mar, 8:23pm

Top 50 Drum Websites And Blogs For Drummers


Best Drum Blogs List

The Best Drum blogs from thousands of top Drum blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Data will be refreshed once a week.

These blogs are ranked based on following criteria

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts.
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Top 50 Drum Blogs Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to every blogger that has made this Top Drum blogs list! This is the most comprehensive list of best Drum blogs on the internet and I’m honoured to have you as part of this! I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world.



By Julian Marsden
Posted on 11th Mar, 6:09pm

Please email any questions about these exercises to julian@drumteachers.ca

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 11th Mar, 6:07pm

Discover Trinity Drum Kit - Cardiff - Wed 15 March 


Find out everything you need to know about our Drum Kit syllabus at this free 2 hour session, presented by James Smale, Trinity percussion, general music and diploma examiner.


You can read more and register here.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 7th Feb, 2:58pm

This book has been written to help drummers understand the tools of the trade available to them from a hand technique point of view. All too often i see students that have been playing for many years who don’t even know anything about grips and general technique.


The book covers:

  • Matched Grip
  • Free Stroke
  • Moeller
  • Stick heights
  • Practice
  • Real world practical ideas 

Plus many more tips gained from my studio with the master Dom Famularo.


To order or for more information please email richard@rawstudios.net with the heading Book.


Richard endorses Paiste Cymbals and Vic Firth Sticks.



By Julian Marsden
Posted on 28th Jan, 3:50pm

For those of you who have wondered what it's like to play a Grade 8 Piece for Drum Kit please check out Danny Pearson playing Odd One Out-Trinity College London Drumkit Grade 8 2014-2019 Syllabus

Check out Danny's Profile for more info and lesson details.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 20th Jan, 10:00pm

A very unique evening - Russ and Ian deliver two masterclasses of brilliant contrast, including close audience participation, dedicated Q & A session, musical performances with bass player, Kev Walker, and drum duet finale. Held at the new media centre of The Echo Factory, it's going to be an amazing evening!


Starts 19.00 Ends 21.30 (How can it end at 21.30 when Russell is involved? I know that's what I thought as well).


Tickets available here.


Echo Factory 

68 Humberstone Gate





By Julian Marsden
Posted on 20th Jan, 4:20pm

The renowned cymbal maker Paiste announces the availability of the «Nicko’s Treasures» Limited Edition Set. 

Since joining Iron Maiden, Nicko McBrain has become one of the most admired and influential drummers in modern times. Recent tours of the British top metal band are breaking all records, including the current The Book of Soulsworld tour, which features a unique cymbal set crafted for Nicko by Paiste. For more information please visit Paiste.com


By Julian Marsden
Posted on 17th Jan, 4:22pm

Drums Lessons now available in Blackheath, London with Jack Painting. For more info please visit Jack's Profile.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 14th Jan, 5:31pm

Thanks to Brad Schlueter for this great exercise. Once you've cracked it try it on the ride cymbal and then step all the 16th note rests on the Hi-Hat.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 6th Jan, 7:01pm

The NDF is taking to the road again with their very popular workshops. This one will be held on Saturday January 14th 2017 at Warwick Hall, Warwick. Doors open at 12pm  The clinicians for the day will be our very own Matt Green and the legendary British drummer Steve White. They both have many years playing within the professional field and are highly regarded educators. Whatever level of drumming you are at, these workshops will be inspiring to all. Just like the workshops at the show weekend, there will be 50+ practice pads for the participants to play along side these great drummers. Just bring your sticks!

The Cost will be £15 and tickets can be bought from Dr.Um, Leamington Spa. 01926 420733. 


By Julian Marsden
Posted on 6th Jan, 1:46pm

Great news from Birmingham based Drum Teacher Damon Wilding. Damon's band Alternative Dubstep Orchestra have just relaed their latest album "ADO".  You can purchase or down load it here.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 4th Jan, 9:50pm

In trying to explain Metric Modulation, I came up with the exercise below. This is an area of theory that has proved difficult to study and even when I ask professional drummers about it I never really feel that many of them have a confident understanding of the subject. I also came across this lack of confidence when discussing Time Signatures with pupils, other drummers, music teachers and other musician's. No one gave me the total confidence that actually new the subject well until I read a fantastic article on the subject of Odd Time Signatures by Chad Wackerman. With Chad's help I was able to really dig into the subject and develop a system that helped my pupils to feel confident in their understanding of Time Signatures. As I "enjoyed" nearly eight years in an earlier life in accountancy, numbers had always come easy to me but after cracking the "Time Signature Code" I'd love to move onto cracking the code behind Metric Modulation.


So.....here's an exercise with no musical notation that will help develop something closer to Polyrhythmically/Metric Modulation/Superimposed Metric Modulation/Tempo Modulation............. but which one is it and how can it be developed with confidence? (Answers on a postcard please).


Start by learning the following 3 Stickings. I used the four different versions of the Paradiddle to come up with these sticking patterns but number 1 could also be described as inverted double stroke roll:


    1, RLLR


    2, LLRL


    3, LRLL


Then when comfortable play them as 16th Notes on your snare drum to create a bar of 3/4:


    1e+a = RLLR


    2e+a = LLRL


    3e+a = LRLL


This will look like this:




Once comfortable add your bass drum on the 1st note of each group. If you prefer to count like me this means that you will be adding your bass drum on the following counts: 1 2 3 (Not any of the e+a notes).


This will now look like this:




(If a note is underlined this means play your bass drum at exactly the same time as your snare).


Once comfortable with this it now starts to get a bit more tricky. (Please fasten your seat belt at this point).


Turn off your snares and whilst leaving your Right hand on the snare at normal volume then reduce the volume of your Left hand and carefully move your Left hand onto your Left knee.


You should now have created a Polyrhythm playing 4 notes on the snare against 3 notes on the bass drum.


Count the bass drum out loud: "1 2 3" and repeat this until comfortable.


Next step: Keep going but stop counting the bass drum. Now count the snare drum out loud "1 2 3 4" whilst still keeping the bass drum going. (This, is were the seat belt might come in handy).


Whilst counting the "1 2 3 4" out loud please remember that you are still in 3/4. At this point stop playing your Left hand on your Left knee and see if you can keep going with the count "1 2 3 4".


If you can do this you are now counting "1 2 3 4" in 3/4 time without the help of the Left hand filling in the gaps but with your bass drum still going.


This is known as 4:3 (4 against 3) in 3/4 time.


Now whilst keeping the Right hand going on the snare stop your bass drum and you now have your new Metrically Modulated 1/4 Note/Crotchet Pulse. (Remember 4:3 is written above the bar at this point so that everyone can see that you have Metrically Modulated.)



By Julian Marsden
Posted on 3rd Jan, 2:25pm