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By Julian Marsden
Posted on 15th Dec, 4:46pm

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 15th Dec, 2:36pm

**Drum Lessons available**

Covid measures are in place such as facemasks, social distancing and hand sanitiser.

Lessons are held in Abercarn but I do also offer video lessons and/or home visits if you are unable to travel. (Providing you have a drum kit to play)

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you've ever wanted to play the drums and are a complete beginner or you're looking to gain new skills to add to your existing skill set.

Cheers, Jonathan

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 6th Oct, 4:44pm

‘Time To Play’ App by Drum-ed - FREE ACCESS FOR A YEAR FOR TEACHERS!

Are you a teacher looking for tracks to use with your students to play along to?

Then this offer is for you, we want to give you a years free subscription to everything that is on the app in return for you using It in lessons with your students.

What is time to play?

‘Time To Play’ was born out of the frustration of not being able to hear your kit properly while wearing headphones and practicing to your favourite music. 

Now with the App you can either play along to the custom loops that come with the App, or to your own music library.

The loops all have ‘example’ drum tracks to give you inspiration for your playing. These have been recorded by the Drum-Ed team. Steve White, world renown educator, session artist and drummer for Paul Weller, The Style Council, Hague and White and Galliano, to name but a few. Mike Heaton, double platinum artist with Embrace and Rich Wilson, world renown educator, owner of RAW studios and session artist. 

You can also then record your practice, either to the custom loops or your own music, for you to assess how you are progressing. 

To sum up ‘Time To Play’ is the ultimate play along and practice App. 

Currently only available on ios, but an Android version will follow.

For more information email support@drum-ed.com to take part in this fantastic offer.

Rich, Mike and Steve.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 24th Mar, 4:26pm

June 2020:

Over on our Canadian Site we have just been joined by Chris Lamont from Hamilton, Ontario. Please check out Chris's Website and YouTube Channel.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 6th Jun, 3:47pm