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By Julian Marsden
Posted on 10th Feb, 3:05pm

Subreel: Helping Musicians and Drummers Everywhere

When learning any instrument or starting to play or produce music, one of the toughest things can be knowing how to get started. For beginners, just knowing what some of the equipment is can be a challenge. For that, websites like Subreel aim to help with impartial advice, helping you to avoid any potential pitfalls.

Subreel is a website with tons of information and resources for musicians. Although the site is only around a year old, it already features a huge amount of equipment reviews, how-to guides and ‘best of’ lists which are designed to be perfect for beginners and pros alike. The site has everything from tips on recording your playing to the best metronome to help with your playing, and discusses things in a language even beginners can get to grips with quickly.

Subreel is a perfect fit for readers here as there is a huge amount of content for drummers! Articles which are great reads for drummers include:

The Best Earplugs for Drummers. Protecting your hearing is nothing short of vital as a drummer. Being exposed to such high volumes can permanently damage your hearing, something recognised in this article pinpointing the best earplugs and methods to avoid any damage.

Overhead Drum Mics. Recording drums is basically impossible without overhead microphones. This article covers the best overhead mics not only for those of us running recording studios, but also for those of us on a shoestring budget. Not everyone can spend a fortune on their gear.

Cymbal Bags. Drumming equipment is not cheap and an example of how sites like Subreel can help you protect your gear is their ultimate guide to cymbal bags and choosing the right protection for your cymbals.

There’s a lot of information on YouTube and other sites, but a lot of the time you don’t know who to trust in terms of someone knowing what they’re talking about as well as being impartial. Subreel has an experienced and unbiased reviewing team to provide the best info for your drumming needs.

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 29th Jan, 12:57pm

By Julian Marsden
Posted on 11th Dec, 2:05pm
Gio Rossi Drums lesson for beginners, amateurs and professional drummers. On Line lessons are a great opportunity to improve your music skills, in particular for those who are trying an audition or a test. i.e. a theatre or a music university. You just need a computer, a web cam and a stable  internet connection. No technical skills required ! I'll send you a PDF documents with just few simple settings for a good lessons like the position of your web cam. Please visit my web site to watch my drums tutorial www.giorossi.com
Gio Rossi has more then 30 years of experience, playing with world-class musicians such as Joey de Francesco, Sugar Ray Norcia, Scott Hamilton, Jesse Davis, Alex Schultz and many others. Gio Rossi' s lessons are suitable for everybody, but it can be absolutely great for professional drummers who aim to improve their knowledge in the field of jazz and blues music, or even in commercial, production shows and big band.
By Julian Marsden
Posted on 20th Nov, 1:14pm

Dan, what have you been up to in 2017?

I toured Australia from June to July with The Bay City Rollers. After the Australian Tour, I've had a few weeks at home full of practice and teaching. I'm currently on a UK Tour with The Rollers, which spans the length and breadth of the Country. Whilst I'm on the road, I teach two or three Skype lessons per day, from my Hotel Room or Dressing Room, to keep my students progressing in my absence. I also answer queries and solve problems for students, via email, whilst I'm away. I have regular updates from students, who are keen to let me know what progress they have made. Some of them even send me videos of them completing exercises that have set them, so I can email over there next sheet to work on. It works really well and I'm pleased that I can keep in touch with my students and still be so connected with their progress, even though I'm away touring.
Do you have any lesson vacancies in 2017?
I'll be on tour the rest of the year, but will be filling my January 2018 with teaching, so if there are any advanced players who want one off lessons or just a few lessons, I'm happy to help them out. 
How can potential students get in touch with you?
Please visit my new website to contact me.
By Julian Marsden
Posted on 4th Oct, 4:29pm