Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of questions that we get asked regularly.  If you need help with something else, please contact us

How do I get listed on

All Drum Teacher Listings on now cost £22.00 GBP Sterling until 31/12/22. 

Here's how it works: Just email Julian to request your inclusion on our database. Please do not send any details until you receive our reply. Once you are listed, anyone in your area looking for Drum Lessons will be able to contact you. 


How can I advertise on

Advertising on is easy as we don't charge £, € or $. Just send us a jpg banner size 600x100 to and then we will quote you depending on where on the site you would like the banner positioned. Over 95% of the companies who advertise with us, simply send us free stock which is also another way of promoting their business.

Where can I find free drum exercises to practice?

If you email us we can email you back with excercises to practice. This service is free. 


Do you recommend learning to read music?

Yes, reading music is very important when learning to play drums. If you are about to start learning drums please discuss this with your new teacher.

Are you a school or college looking for a Drum Teacher?

If you have a job vacancy for a Drum Teacher please contact us and we can email your vacancy to all our teachers.

I'm a beginner, how do I set a drum kit up?

We can send you instructions or we can show you where to order a drum kit that is already set up or we also have a network of teachers and drummers who can come to your house or studio and set the kit up for you. In most areas we can also arrange for the kit to be set up and you can then have a drum lesson in the comfort of your own home or studio.