Lee Blair
Leicestershire, East Midlands
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Teaching Location:Groby, Leicester, East Midlands, LE6 0AU
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About Lee Blair

My name is Lee Blair. I first picked up my first pair of drum sticks when I was only 5 years old.I grew up in a musical family, where my grandfather played the organ in local clubs and working mens clubs.

I was near the age of eight when my grandfather bought me my first drumkit. It was a traditional 60's premiere kit, but had a quality rock n roll feel. It wasn't long before I became fully interested in the drums and my parents began taking me for lessons. My first lessons began in the back of a music store. I remember learning on pads before drums, however I learn't the basic of triplets and single strokes. As I improved I wanted to be trained on a real drumkit, so my parents found me an instructor who tought from home. He had just worked on a cruise ship with suzi quatro. I had lessons for about four years until he could not teach me anymore due to personnal issues. I again found another teacher named richard hemmings in leicester, and Mr Lee also works with him in leicester, who both worked at the Drum Acadamy. I had lessons there for about 14 years and completed a number of successful Rock School Grades. Since I left to study my HND, I have played in a number of bands around Leicestershire. I am currently in a Rock N Roll Band named the Rocket 88. We play music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. I enjoy teaching people the tallent that I share. I find it rewarding and fun.

Mobile Drum Lessons in around the Groby area of Leicester.

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