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I love teaching and I consider teaching as a very important part of my work. I believe that 95% of the time we do not need teachers because we can actually teach ourselves. Therefore, I see my role as a teacher as someone who inspires and reminds students of what to look for within themselves. And believe me, there is plenty to find!

My experience ranges from master classes and clinics in recognized music institutions and universities around the world to private classes in my own studio.
It is always exciting and refreshing to meet and share ideas with people who have curiosity and passion for music, rhythm, drums and life and I am very proud to have several students that continued with music to a professional level.

My main goal is to create a path in which a student or audience can find a relaxed and inspiring space for the body and mind to explore their own musicality. I truly believe that in this way musicians can develop their skills and find a way to express themselves with their own voice on their instruments, and that as audience we can develop a much better listening.

If you are interested to take a walk on this path, I’ll be more than happy to hear from you.


Hofesh Shechter
Choreographer and musician

‘Yaron connects with people through his warm, humorous, human and generous qualities, and by doing so encourages students to be and play from the heart.
I’ve seen Yaron time after time creating a comfortable atmosphere that allows people to fulfill their abilities, without pressure, but with wise and joyful concentration.
His enormous experience as a professional performer and as a teacher, gives him endless tools to lead a student so cleverly into progress. His attention to the body and the breathing, and to finding an effortless place to play from, are things that helped me personally to play with simplicity and flow. In fact I was suddenly able to fulfill my technical ability to a greater extent – without pushing, but through breathing and trusting the body.
Yaron encourages everything that is flowing, that is natural that is fun, without forgetting the importance of technique, and most importantly without forgetting the essence of music- playing from the inside out. He is all about that, and that’s a very special thing.
He is a unique and rare teacher that has deep understanding of all technical, emotional, psychological and artistic sides of drumming.
Can’t recommend him warmly enough. If you want to learn drums and progress immensely- Yaron is your last stop’
Dani Danor
NEC graduate, freelance drummer NYC

‘Yaron is the teacher that made me decide to take drumming seriously. His incredible enthusiasm, positive attitude and faith in my playing have changed what was once a hobby of mine into the biggest passion in my life. I have recently completed my BA in jazz studies at the New England Conservatory in Boston and am currently residing in New York City were I work as a professional drummer. I can honestly say that the long musical path that I’ve made to this point has begun with Yaron’s mentoring and encouragement. Thank you Yaron!’
Norman Jankowski
Professional drummer and percussionist, Barcelona

‘For me Yaron is a very important Motivation. I love his Ability to make even the simplest Exercises an exciting Challenge.’
Sharon Lavi
Tap dancer and choreographer

‘Yaron Engler has been a creative partner of mine for many years. We shared together a countless amount of experiences in diverse creative projects as co-directors, co-creators, co-instructors and co-performers working with an extraordinarily eclectic spectrum of formats, audiences and students. Yaron is tremendously inspirational as an artist, artistic partner and music instructor. His passionate, energetic and intuitive nature has been charismatic and positioned him as a co-leader inside most of our artistic collaborations. His totality and great love for music and the performing arts has made him an exceptional teacher for all of the musicians and the dancers with whom we’ve worked. His “out of the box” thought process and creativity has impulsed his impact in numerous groundbreaking artistic ventures.’
Nuria Cela
All-round performer – musician, dancer and a clown, Barcelona, Spain

‘I had Yaron as my teacher for two years and that was a real luxury. His method of teaching made me learn as if I was playing a game.
His teaching, his pedagogy and his way of seeing and understanding rhythms and drums captures you completely. He expresses his ideas brilliantly and conveys his passion very simply and clearly, which makes you understand it in the same way.’
Stephannie Tims
Education and Community Coordinator of New Zealand International Arts Festival

‘Yaron spoke from the heart with passion, and experience. He seemed to inspire many of the DANZ and NZSD participants, plus various composers present. I for one was most impressed with his generosity of sharing, and also his suggestions for the realm of possibilities with collaboration (music and dance). All in all everyone was very happy.’
Andrew Maddick 
Professional violinist, Berlin

‘Yaron is an inspirational teacher who encourages and challenges his students, regardless of their musical background. He has created an immense library of grooves to suit all ages and standards of musicianship including highly trained professionals.
I was fortunate enough to take part in a number of lessons with a group of fellow musicians. We were at times challenged but always enjoyed ourselves. Yaron managed to create a real sense of ensemble between us.
As a professional freelance musician I regularly sight read tricky rhythms. Yaron has helped me to realize difficult rhythms in a musical way. He emphasizes the necessity to always feel the beat regardless of how complicated the rhythm or time signature is.
I liken his teaching to the very advanced system of Kodaly. It should be taught in all music colleges.’
Dor Herskovits
Berklee graduate, freelance drummer in NYC

‘Yaron is my idea of a real teacher: inspirational, unafraid to push his students to their highest capability, and a real professional. Thank you Yaron!’
Natàlia Lapuerta Espinasa
Bass player and a tap dancer, Barcelona

‘My experience as a student of Yaron is a great satisfaction.  His classes are a mix of music psychology, learning and fun. He is for me, one of the best teachers I had and remembering his classes brings a warm smile.’

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