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Yorkshire, West, Yorkshire & Humberside
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Teaching Location:Leeds Music Hub The Coach House, 20 Wood Lane, Headingley, Leeds, Yorkshire & Humberside, LS6 2AE
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About Adam Hansraj

Adam has been playing the drums for over 20 years, and has been giving private tuition for over 7 years. He has 15 years of experience playing in a variety of bands and has been involved in a broad range of recording projects and session work. Adam has eclectic taste in music and as such has an open mind when it comes to playing and teaching different styles. This has lead to an understanding of a plethora of rhythms across myriad of different genres.

Adam specialises in teaching drummers at beginner and intermediate levels, making drumming accessible for anyone who wants to learn. He has received positive feedback from all of his students so far, which is reflected in the testimonials they have given.

The methods of teaching are tailored to each individual’s needs, focuses on the styles they would like to play and relates to the music they are interested in. Consequently, students tend to pick up new concepts rapidly.

Students can expect to be able to play a new rhythm or technique in every lesson, which can be brought together in order to play a new song of their choice. Learning to play songs can be a very rewarding and fun way to learn if the student opts to do so and provides a very good measure of progress, along with an ability to apply new concepts in context. This naturally leads to the student gaining an overview of how individual components combine to form a song.

The advance from playing basic beats to more complex rhythms generally tends to be relatively fast, but is always attenuated to the pace of the student. Once a groove or technique has been mastered, it will be revisited in a consolidation session within future lessons. Ultimately these sessions become more challenging over time, as they involve both reinforcing any previous learning and combining it in various ways with the most recent concepts that have been learned. This helps to develop an ability to both improvise and compose original music.

Adam is able to cultivate confidence in his students by the use of encouragement, praise and positive feedback when appropriate. He is sensitive to the atmosphere in the room and is skilled in creating an environment conducive for learning in. He is also adept at identifying specific areas that may need improvement and can give useful advice on what to focus on in practices outside of lessons.

£20 per one hour session
£35 per two hour session

·        Prices quoted are for one to one lessons.
·        Shorter lessons and group sessions are also available upon request.
·        Adam is available for home visits and can also teach from a studio.
·        A free trial lesson can be arranged and discounts will be given for block bookings of 10 lessons or more.
·        Workshops are also available upon request.

In addition to drum kit, Adam also offers lessons for dhol, goblet drums (darbuka/doumbek) and a range of other percussion instruments.


“Adam is an awesome teacher! I can highly recommend him, his lessons are really fun. He is very patient and will motivate you to master the rhythm. He has a natural talent at transferring his percussion skills in a clear way. He taught me any song that I desired and after every lesson I would gain one or two rhythms that I believed I would never be capable of!” – Charlotte Pettersen

“I had a few drum lessons with Adam. He was good at finding out what sort of music I was into and then choosing beats that I could play along to some favourite tracks, which was good for motivation. He was pretty patient and also thorough, making sure I kept practising the same beats until I knew them really well. Personally preferring to learn from sheet music, Adam was good at adapting his lesson from learning by ear to reading off a sheet to suit my preferred way of learning music.” – Greta Dargie

“Adam made drumming very accessible for me. As I was a complete beginner, he would break a beat down for me so I could play it by parts and then put it back together fluidly. I would learn at least one new groove with a few variations on the theme in every lesson. After a handful of lessons I was playing more and more complex variations, often having to develop a new technique for each one. This was as much due to his unwavering encouragement as anything else” – Kerry Tuft

“Adam helped me to improve my drumming very quickly. He based his teaching around songs that I wanted to learn and music that inspired me. His approach made each lesson interesting and engaging. I managed to learn all the rhythms for a new song by the end of each lesson, which was very rewarding and acted as a good guide of my progress.” – John Barry

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