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This page does not contain information for the drum teachers registered on this site however it should be noted that all drum teachers have requested/consented to be listed on along with their contact details but only on their personal profile page which they control through contacting site admin. Any details that a teacher has requested not to be shown on their profile page is strictly adhered to by site admin.

This page contains the key information for visitors to this site:

  • We (site admin) have never processed payments for teachers on this site and therefore do not store any payment details, email addresses, telephone numbers or any other details belonging to pupils.
  • We (site admin) do not have a mailing list for visitors, pupils or parents to this site.
  • We (site admin) do not store your personal information unless you email or phone us but please read our cookie policy below. If you email us (site admin and not a specific teacher) you can request for your email, telephone number or any other detail that you supply to us to be deleted at anytime.
  • If you email a teacher you will almost certainly include your email address and possibly your telephone number. Please note that you can request that the teacher deletes any information that you email to them at anytime.
  • If you telephone call a teacher you can also request for any information that you give to them to be deleted as well.
  • Please note that the primary reason for a teacher to use the personal information that you supply to them is to enable easy communication about lesson prices, times and any other questions that you have for the teacher and vice versa.
  • If you are parent who is applying to a teacher on behalf of a child please do ask if the teachers is DBS (CRB) registered. However our advice is that parents or guardians accompany any child under the age of 17 to all lessons irrespective of the DBS (CRB) registration. This shows support to the child and also to the teacher.
  • If you have any concerns about information that a teacher holds about you please contact that teacher directly.
  • If you require more details on data retention or erasure please write to the address on this page.

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For Google Analytics purposes
We use the free Google Analytics tool to see how users interact with our website, so that we can make improvements to the service we provide. For example, if we can tell that our users are having difficulty finding a page we can improve the navigation, or if we know that a high proportion of our visitors view the site from particular mobile phones, we can improve the layout for those devices.  

Opting out
If you want to opt out of Google Analytics for all websites, you can add an extension to your browser which tells Google Analytics not to track you.  Visit this link to find out more:

If you want to opt out of all cookies for all websites, you can turn them off in your browser, in your settings menu.

Cookies used
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