Michael Hutchinson
Tyne and Wear, North East England
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Teaching Location:Gateshead, North East England, NE11 0JY
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About Michael Hutchinson

Triple-T Drumming Ltd:
Triple-T Drumming is dedicated to delivering first class Drum Kit lessons, whether you class yourself as a beginner, intermediary or advanced drummer we are here to enhance your playing style, ability, knowledge of your instrument, and confidence.
Education within the School or Private lessons is what we do best, and we lead the way with creative and innotive teaching techniques, to make lessons creative and most of all Fun.
Music is the food of life, and can speak in multiple languages. It doesn't need a translator, just let it go and enjoy, whatever your background.

We offer a range of paths to choose from including RockSchool syllabus, Beginner, intermediate and Advanced techniques or just plain improvers courses.

Michael is a Freelance Drummer and Educator from North east of England.
Currently apart of the SoulTone Cymbals Family and D’Addario Education collective Supported by ProMark sticks and Evans Drum heads, he also plays Tama Startclassic range of drums.
You can find his SoulTone artists page here
You can find his ProMark Artist Page here

        SoulTone Cymbals Extreme Range 14" Hats, 17", 20" Crash, 21" Ride, 18" China, 10" splash
        Tama Starclassic, 22" Bass, 10", 12", 14", 18 Toms, 
        DW Maple Collector series Snare 14"
        Pearl Eliminator 2000b Double Bass Pedal, Leather pull
        DW Hardware and Throne
        ProMark 2b Nylon Tip Sticks for Drum kit work 
        ProMark Jeff Moore Signature Marching Sticks for Pad work
        Evans Drum Heads (Currently HD Dry on Snare, Onyx on Toms, EMAD2 Kick)

As a child, Michael was educated by Malcolm Dicks (Richie Blackmore, Toy Dolls) and stayed with Malcolm until he left to join the Armed forces, from there Michael played with a number of artists across the globe.
Michael is currently studying with Gabor Dornyei freelance drummer and Head of Drums at DIME Online

When Michael left the forces in 2006, Michael set out to get a name for himself in the drum community within England, working closely with Sony BMG and playing notable venues in the west end of London he set out to be the drummer that people wanted back at the end of a session.
Michaels reputation as being "The Nicest drummer to work with" has led him to be one of the busiest drummers in the North East.
Triple-T Drumming was born out of watching drum groups and teachers come to his sons school and try and influence the children to play music, frustrated at the music teachers playing songs from the 60s and not giving any life to the music, Michael set out to change this and make Drumming cool and want to be learnt.
Michael has had amazing success and is only growing, day by day, week by week.
School work has increased week by week, with schools pre booking Triple-T Drumming months in advance for assembly work, after school clubs, and even one and one lessons.
Private lessons are increasing on a daily and weekly basis

Michael splits his time between working with artists, Studying with DIME (Detroit Institute of Music Education) and teaching, along with spending time with his wife Claire, and his 3 sons, Travis, Tre' and Ty (hence Triple-T)
His main hobbies outside of playing drums, learning drums, researching drums, is split between, going for walks with his family, watching movies (loves marvel) and the most important Cooking, not the best chef in the world but loves creating nice food that people enjoy.

Drum Lessons in Gateshead.

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